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Imagine a story by Ben Mezrich (The Accidental Billionaires, 21) of staggering financial improprieties infused with Tim Dorsey’s (Hurricane Punch, Gator A-Go-Go) zany, over-the-top pure insanity, and you might have something somewhat resembling Cash Out, the rollicking debut novel  by Greg Bardsley. This is nonstop, mercilessly hilarious, no-holds-barred fiction for fans of  The Hangover and Office Space—an outrageous tall tale that follows one desperate, disgruntled Silicon Valley exec through a his surreal three-day scramble to cash out his stock options and leave behind his hated high-tech job before outrageous villains (and even crazier friends) completely destroy him. Do you like the wildly satirical work of Tom Perrotta, Sam Lipsyte, and Gary Shteyngart? Do the ingenious comic caper novels of Elmore Leonard leave you breathless and exhilarated?  Then get ready to Cash Out.

“Relentless, madcap, polished, lean, vivid, warped, original, horrifying and hilarious in equal measure.” – Marcus Sakey, best-selling author of Brilliance, Good People and other books

“Succeeds grandly in making Silicon Valley a place of intrigue and dangerous head cases and hard cases.” — Booklist

“Takes readers on a journey that has been described as a cross between ‘The Hangover’  and ‘Office Space.'”– The New York Times, listing Cash Out among the five notable Silicon Valley novels of the past two decades

“A wild romp of a book.” —

“Smart about Silicon Valley culture.” — Publishers Weekly

“Hilarious … A fast-moving page turner with zany plot twists that you won’t want to put down.” — Portland Book Review

“Greg Bardsley’s bitter, quick and witty portrait of the Californian IT industry is convincing. … Cheeky, great fun.” — Frankfurter Allgemeine

“A satirical romp.”– Metro

“A funny expose of life on the darker side of the Silicon Valley entrepreneurial world.” — West Coast Live

“The valley is so weird that it would be tough to come up with fiction that is more outrageous than the valley’s reality. Bardsley … gets that, and he’s artfully turned the weirdness to his advantage in his debut novel, Cash Out.” — San Jose Mercury News

“It’s really rare for me to read a novel that has me laughing so hard that I almost fall out of my chair. It’s even rarer for that novel to also reads like a non-stop action movie … I’m highly recommending Cash Out.” – Popcorn Reads

“Wow and wow again. CASH OUT gets the 3-E merit: Excellent, enthralling and with a wicked elegance. I loved it.” – Ken Bruen, best-selling author of The Devil and other books

“When looking for quirk, you just can’t beat Greg Bardsley. … When you read Cash Out this fall, you’ll be looking at that lawn outside your window, that garage across the street, the eccentric neighbor down the block with a social blind-spot – the awkward self-possession, the public peccadillo, the… quirk – and you’ll have to admit – Bardsley took your cake, ate it too, and then did untoward things with it.” — The Barnes & Noble Mystery Blog

“Greg Bardsley’s writing walks on the wild side, with street swagger and a switch-blade in the sock. His short stories are an internet sensation, there’s style and there’s substance and a great big dollop of skill. Utterly unique.” – Tony Black, author of Truth Lies Bleeding

“A cold heart is beating in [Greg Bardsley’s] prose, one that suspects there’s nothing much good to say about people. Still, you can say it with a sly wink that lets everyone know we’re all in on the same grim joke. Bardsley gives us the wink and delivers the black punchline.” – Charlie Huston, best-selling author of The Mystic Arts of Erasing All Signs of Death and The Shotgun Rule