I heard from my literary agent the other day. He’s at the beach reading the ending of my revised manuscript. And with any luck, he’ll soon come back with a list of publishers to target.

I remember the first time a major agent requested to see my novel. I could barely sleep. I tossed and turned. I stared at the wall with a goofy gaze. I imagined said agent sitting in a softly lit corner of his house flipping through my book, maybe even chuckling to himself. When he actually came back and informed me that he “might be able to sell it” but just didn’t have the time, it was a major blow.

So began my gradual desensitization to the literary letdowns so many writers face. Ultimately, I think those letdowns opened the door for something really fortunate — the chance to start talking with my eventual agent, Jeff Gerecke. Not only was this guy a longtime Raiders fan with a great sense of humor (relevant qualities as they relate to my novel), but he’d sold his share of bestsellers and came highly recommended. With his brilliant insight, Jeff set me off on a year-long course of revision that has helped the book “grow up.”

So now I wait — again. Knowing that Jeff still may come back with concerns. Knowing that this gig is filled with a seemingly endless supply of false starts, letdowns, long waits and hardcore introspection into one’s work. Knowing that nothing is guaranteed.

No wonder I’ve stopped tossing and turning at night.


What’s the longest time you’ve waited for big news?