I like to watch when people achieve their literary dreams.

Knowing so many writers who, like me, aspire to achieve greater things with their fiction, it’s always great to see someone actually “hit land,” to reach the distant, seemingly impregnable Island of Getting Published. Attempting to get there is a long, taxing and difficult journey that, in most cases, ultimately ends with one’s aspirations getting slammed onto the deadly reef surrounding this remote, tantalizing island. Sure, it’s a great adventure full of valuable growth opportunities for anyone who attempts this journey, and yes I do believe it’s good for aspiring writers to diversify their emotional investments, but it’s still nice to “be there” when someone gets through that reef in one piece and hits the sandy beach.

51ievdndcpl_aa240_.jpgWhich is why I have been following David White, a New Jersey teacher who is about to realize his dream. His well-reviewed, debut crime novel, “When One Man Dies,” hits bookstores Sept. 25. And even though I don’t know the guy beyond what he shares on his blog, I can tell he is truly amped about the whole thing. Recently, he added a feature on his blog that counts down the hours, minutes and seconds to when the doors open on Sept. 25.

Remaining seconds in Dave’s countdown, as of this writing: 685,4788. But who’s counting?