The purveyors of degenerate literature over at Thuglit are busting quite a groove lately. Every month, the stories coming out of this crime zine seem to get better and better — i.e., sicker, nastier, creepier and more compelling.

thuglit22v2.jpgIn December, the Thugism is in top form, with bitter little morsels of crime fiction by everyone from established novelists to relative newcomers. Two of my favorites were “News About Yourself” (PDF) by novelist Scott Wolven and “Deep Cover” (PDF) by short-story writer Brian Haycock. Both stories had a great sense of place, some unpredictable characters and some pretty unexpected conclusions. Wolven’s piece gave me a good case of the creeps, and Haycock’s story gave me an instant aversion to desert-livin’ fatties with sawed-off shotguns (I know; I’m weird).

In other words, there’s some good Christmas readin’ over at Thuglit. Stuff to snuggle up to .. next to the tree … with a hot mug of cocoa.