Let us proceed with the minutiae ….

Our youngest son Dylan feels it’s quite okay to urinate behind any tree he pleases. … “The Karate Kid” is on the TV right now. The master sense for the malos is saying to Mr. Miyagi, “This is a karate dojo, not a knitting class.” … Reading deeper into the special noir edition of Storyglossia this weekend, it became quickly apparent that the depravity is in abundance. In other words, my story has company. Lots of it. … I’m afraid I’m addicted to toasted raisin/cinnamon-swirl bread, consumed too late at night. … In college, I used to hang out with a friend who looked like a pissed-off Jesus. … In Second Life (virtual reality), everyone at Sun is hot — way hot. Paris Hilton should come visit. … Jedidiah Ayres has another great story in Thuglit — “Mahogany & Monogamy.” … I’ve got a hankerin’ for some beach time. … My oldest son Jack had a first-grade poetry reading the other week. I loved his poem about blocks, but he thought it sounded wrong in a few places and was centered around “a baby thing” (playing with blocks). Not entirely happy with your prose, my dear son? Welcome to creative writing?