In short time, Crimefactory has ramped operations with stunning velocity.

Since Issue 1 in January, Crimefactory’s barbed-wire studded conveyor belt has rolled out top-notch essays, interviews and fiction by everyone from the legends (people like Bruen) to the unknowns (people like me). It’s raw and smart and cool, and it continues to produce at an amazing pace — its smoekstacks billow night and day. Credit goes to shift bosses Keith Rawson, Cameron Ashley, Liam Jose and Jimmy Callaway — apparently, these guys never sleep, if you consider the hundreds of pages Crimefactory already has published.

In Issue 3, the conveyor belt spits out my story, Headlock, which involves … well, you get the idea. [Fair warning: If stories about marathanon headlocks, disgusting private encounters and low-functioning, extra-hairy house guests are *not* your thing, you may wanna pass on this one]. As thrilled as I am to see it roll off the line, maybe I’m even more thrilled to see it there with the products of fellow line workers Kieran Shea, Jed Ayres, Dennis Tafoya, Sandra Seamans, Dan O’Shea, Roger Smith and Leigh Redhead.

Suggest you venture into the Factory. Just be sure to put on a hardhat.