I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to have a story in the new, critically acclaimed anthology, Crime Factory: The First Shift, featuring fresh fiction by Ken Bruen, Dennis Tafoya, Charlie Stella, Dave Zeltserman, Craig McDonald, Leigh Redhead, Aidrian McKinty, Scott Wolven, Jedidiah AyresKieran Shea and many more.

Hailed by the Library Journal as “a beast of noir,” The First Shift is edited by maestros Cameron Ashley, Keith Rawson and Jimmy Callaway, and I am honored to have my new piece, Microprimus Volatitus, included even if Publishers Weekly calls the story “revolting.”

Warning: As this story features a horny, volatile primate the size of a canary that competes with an equally horny and volatile man, there *is* some ear penetration and hair soiling, and a variety of other unsavory activities, including but not limited to various incidents of blunt trauma, nostril abuse, tequila binging and intraspecial revenge. …. So, this story is not for everyone.